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1800 424 079 [NSW country callers]

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The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT)
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Before you can become a resident in an aged care home you must have an assessment from an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

An ACAT is usually situated at a public hospital and is made up of medical staff and social workers who specialise in aged care. These professionals will carry out an assessment that will determine if a prospective resident will require low level  care or high level care. As well as assessing suitability for residential care an ACAT can also assess if a person is suitable for a CACP (Community Aged Care Package) or an EACH (Extended Aged Care in the Home) package. An ACAT assessment is usually valid for twelve (12) months.


You are not obliged to enter an aged care home after an ACAT assessment; that decision is up to each individual assessed or, where that person does not have the mental capacity to make the decision, his or her legal guardian.

ACAT assessments are not required for Home And Community Care (HACC) services or for retirement villages.

Contact TARS on 02 9281 3600 or 1800 424 079 for country callers for the phone number of your nearest ACAT or phone your nearest hospital for further information.


DoHA Information sheet on ACATs